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Need help to launch or improve a participatory program? The Rising Stars Mentorship Program is open for new applications!

The Rising Stars Program connects democracy practitioners with expert guidance to launch and improve participatory programs. This online mentorship program bridges the gap between advocates, policymakers, and program managers (mentees), and on-the-ground experts (mentors).

Thanks to EU Horizon funding through the Nets4Dem program, Coglobal is also now partnering with People Powered to expand the Rising Stars mentorship opportunities in Europe.

Apply by March 27

Infographics with information to apply for Rising Star

Participants engage in up to five 1-hour calls over six months, focusing on developing participatory programs in civil society and government.

Who is this program for?

  • Activists in civil society organizations and governments trying to win approval for participatory programs.
  • Government officials and community partners trying to plan participatory programs.
  • Staff in government and civil society organizations responsible for implementing participatory programs.

How does the program work?

    1. Apply for expert mentoring support. 
    2. Prepare for the program. Participate in an online orientation session about the program’s goals and expectations, mentoring process and resources offered. We review your application and assign you a mentor or mentoring group. Matching criteria include the type of participatory program, language, location, and challenges you need support with.
    3. Meet your mentor or mentoring group. You and your mentor schedule a call to discuss your challenges and decide on the goals you want to achieve through your mentorship. You have up to five calls with your mentor or mentoring group over 6 months.
  • Get the confidence, knowledge and skills to run a more successful participatory program!

Who are our mentors?

We’ve carefully selected 21 mentors from 17 countries, and they’re ready to help. Read more about them.

Collage of Rising Stars mentors

We fill mentorship slots on a competitive basis. Apply now to secure your spot!

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