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Do you need help launching or enhancing a participatory program? Apply for expert mentoring support provided by the Nets4Dem network in Horizon Europe Area!

Nets4Dem is offering specialised mentoring for government officials, staff, and advocates seeking assistance with participatory processes. We understand the challenges governments, public administration and organisations face in finding practical guidance to design, initiate or improve participatory programs. When confronted with difficult questions and issues regarding design or implementation, program managers often feel uncertain about the next steps or whom to consult.

That is why Nets4Dem is offering Rising Stars, an online mentorship program that connects you with expert guidance to launch and improve participatory programs. We match advocates, policymakers and program managers seeking guidance (mentees) to on-the-ground experts who can address questions (mentors).

The program, in the Horizon Europe area, is implemented by the Nets4Dem network (managed by Coglobal in association with People Powered as the developer of the program, and with support from Eurocities, Demos Helsinki, Democracy Reporting International, and European Partnership for Democracy).

Who is this program for?

  • Activists in civil society organisations and governments are trying to win approval for participatory programs.
  • Government officials and community partners who are trying to plan participatory programs.
  • Staff in government and civil society organisations responsible for implementing participatory programs.


To be eligible to participate in Nets4Dem activities, you must be based in one of the countries included in the Horizon Europe program or associated countries: All EU 27 Member States + Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Kosovo, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Türkiye, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

How does the program work? 

  1. Apply for expert mentoring support.
  1. Prepare for the program. Participate in an online orientation session about the program’s goals and expectations, mentoring process and resources offered. We review your application and assign you a mentor or mentoring group. Matching criteria include the type of participatory program, language, location, and challenges you need support with.
  1. Meet your mentor or mentoring group. You and your mentor schedule a call to discuss your challenges and decide on the goals you want to achieve through your mentorship. You have up to 5 calls with your mentor or mentoring group over the course of 6 months.
  1. Get the confidence, knowledge and skills to run a more successful participatory program, and share your results with the Nets4Dem network!

How can you apply?

We have 3 open calls for mentorship each year in Nets4Dem. See the schedule below and apply by the deadline to be matched with a mentor.

Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered by the following application deadline. If you have an urgent deadline and need to receive mentoring assistance sooner, contact the mentorship team at   


Nets4Dem Mentors

These are some of our Nets4Dem expert mentors participating in the mentorship program: