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Are you interested in furthering democratic innovation and participation in Europe and beyond?

At the crossroads of tradition and innovation, Europe’s democratic landscape is experiencing a meaningful transformation. Innovative participatory and deliberative democracy models in Europe are still evolving and expanding unevenly, and some regions excel as changemakers while others face unique challenges. 

To support the next generation of changemakers, the first Nets4Dem Democratic Innovations Accelerator (DIA), led by People Powered and Coglobal, will launch on 8th May! This will allow governments and organizations to apply for expert mentorship and training to run innovative participatory democracy programs in Europe.

Register for our launch event to learn how the DIA can help you start or improve an innovative democracy programme. Don’t miss this opportunity to get insights and inspiration from government leaders and democracy practitioners.

Date: 8th May

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM CEST 

Speakers: TBA

Topics covered in the event:

  • What is the new Nets4Dem initiative, and how can you get involved?
  • Assess if you and/or your organisation are a fit for the Democratic Innovations Accelerator. You will also learn how you can benefit from the programme
  • Obtain practical information on submitting a successful application to the DIA.

The discussion will offer insights into how we can collectively shape the future of democracy in Europe. There will also be a dedicated info session on the DIA where participants can ask for application support.

Nets4Dem event partners: Coglobal, Democracy Reporting International, Eurocities, European Partnership for Democracy, Demos Helsinki