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Join our movement for democratic renewal
in Europe

Nets4Dem will grow into a global network of policymakers, researchers and practitioners. The network’s growth will unfold in phases. Initially, it will be governed by the consortium of the Nets4Dem project and focus on existing European networks and institutions before admitting individual stakeholders at later stages. Its expansion will take into account geographical diversity, a wide range of focus topics and elevate groups traditionally underrepresented in these fields.

We follow a Network of Networks approach to deliver and support the growth of a sustainable Network for Democracy for the long term that is impactful, agile and purpose-driven and connects existing networks and organisations together in complementary relationships.

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Participants of Nets4Dem kick-off meeting
Participants of Nets4Dem kick-off meeting

Why join Nets4Dem?


Nets4Dem empowers policymakers at all governance levels to spearhead democratic innovation. As a member, you will:

  • Access global best practices and collaborate with experts to craft participatory processes tailored to both local and national needs.
  • Join a progressive movement with access to the latest tools and frameworks for democratic engagement.
  • Engage in high-level policy dialogues focused on democratic innovation, citizen participation, and deliberative practices.

Civil Society

Connect with peers across European organisations and grassroot movements and beyond, to:

  • Exchange knowledge, tools, and best practices to bolster civic engagement and democratic resilience.
  • Boost visibility for your projects and collaborate on innovative solutions, moving beyond competition to strategic partnerships that pursue shared objectives and secure funding.
  • Work directly with policymakers, offering insights, receiving feedback, and enhancing accountability.
  • Implement successful models customized for your community.
  • Influence the future of decision-making and champion meaningful democratic reforms by lending your expertise to our pioneering movement.


Join Nets4Dem to connect your research with tangible impacts. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Work alongside practitioners to forge transdisciplinary research methodologies.
  • Analyse a broad spectrum of democratic experiments for your scientific work.
  • Convert scholarly insights into practical strategies through collaboration with policymakers and practitioners.
  • Drive evidence-based policies that rejuvenate democracy and optimize societal benefits.
  • Be part of a dynamic ecosystem aimed at redefining narratives, sparking change, and co-creating cross-disciplinary solutions.

Show interest

Intrigued? The network will start welcoming applications for membership in June 2024! Details on eligibility and application process to follow soon.

For updates and more information, don’t forget to hit “My organisation may want to be part of Nets4Dem in the future” when you sign up for our newsletter!